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Chain reclaimer

Chain reclaimer

Chain reclaimer


Track dragging patent technology, force driving, not slip.

Precise coordinate positioning, automatic running, no manual assistance.

Safe, efficient, big output.


Chain reclaimer is a new and multifunctional equipment with the function of scraping and cleaning materials developed by our company. The scraping function is used for scraping mandatorily the conical material pile after materials inputted silo. This moves materials to the space where can’t flow by themselves and uses the storage capacity effectively to up to the storage capacity as expected. The cleaning materials function reduces manual cleaning quantity and has the advantages of high automation degree, special structure, easy operation, reliable running, high efficiency and etc. Chain reclaimer can be widely used in grain oil, flour, feed, salt, mineral powder, chemical fertilizer, cement and other industries. Once China Tonghui chain reclaimer was pushed out, it has been served for COFCO, SINOCHEM GROUP, Bung, Cargill, WUDELI, Louis Dreyfus, JIUSAN GROUP and other big logistics processing enterprises. It has been unanimously recognized by everyone.