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Ship loader


It greatly reduces the operation links and the number of operators


Tonghui full automation bag ship loader is suitable for all kinds of bags material ports and wharfs . It realizes the assembly line of whole automatic process from packing workshop to loading ship. This process replaces the traditional operation mode of materials at ports and wharfs: truck lightering + electric crane. Tonghui full automation bag ship loader greatly reduces the operation links, the number of operators and loading cost. The efficiency of Tonghui ship loader can up to 1800 bags/h. Tonghui developed bag & bulk ship loader system what integrates bag and bulk system into one ship loader,not only reduces the investment, but also save shoreline resources. To some enterprise who owns inner harbor pool uses inner harbor pool travelling crane type bag & bulk ship loader can realize ship loading all day and in all weather truly,and it greatly improve the running efficiency of wharf logistics company.