Jiangsu Tonghui auger reclaimer system has been successfully operated in Louis Dreyfus Zhangjiagang factory (River & Ocean CEREALS and OILS GROUP)

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Louis Dreyfus used loader to reclaim soybean meal. In the process of use, there had been many accidents in which materials collapsed and hit the loading vehicle.For multinational enterprises that attach great importance to security issues, this kind of thing cannot be tolerated.Later, they learned that Jiangsu Tonghui powerful auger reclaimer system was very satisfied after investigation, so they signed a contract with our company.

Through the evaluation of Jiangsu Tonghui, the problems existing in the use of the loader are obtained:

1. The tail gas of the loading vehicle will spray fire during use, and there are great potential safety hazards when working in warehouse with dust explosion-proof requirements in zone 21.

2. In warehouses used for transfer, there are many kinds of materials stored. During the working process, the loading vehicle will cause secondary rolling of the materials, affect the quality of the materials, resulting in customer complaints and other problems.

3. When loader reclaim the hardened material such as soybean meal, accidents of materials collapsing and hitting the loading vehicle often occur, ranging from glass breakage to casualties.

4. Great dust will be generated during the operation of the loading vehicle, the driver's sight will be blocked, and the accidents of the loading vehicle hitting the column and wall often occur.


The figure below shows the material collapsing and hitting the loading truck


After using the auger reclaimer system, the problems of large potential safety hazards and low efficiency of the original loader operation are solved.

1. The auger reclaimer does not need manual warehousing assistance in the process of reclaiming. It is controlled by the full-automatic PLC control system. The output is accurate and can meet the packaging requirements of the packaging workshop.

2. The auger reclaimer is equipped with a strong hardening breaker, which can still easily walk forward and discharge in the face of stacked high hardening materials.

3. After using the auger reclaimer, there is almost no residue on the ground. As shown in Figure 3 below.

4. All electrical components of the auger reclaimer meet the dust explosion-proof requirements of zone 21, with high safety and strong stability.