Daodaoquan Grain And Oil Co.,Ltd purchased three sets of auger reclaimer from our company

time:2021-10-11      click:544

As a listed share of the grain and oil industry, daodaoquan grain and oil has successively built factories in Yueyang and Maoming China, and now has built a production base in Jingjiang China. Daodaoquan oil production base (Jingjiang) project is an important strategic layout of Daodaoquan grain and Oil Co., Ltd. in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. It is a base project focused by Daodaoquan.

At the initial stage of the project construction, the research institute made a great investigation and comparison on the selection of warehouse or silo for transit logistics warehouse.After a series of discussions, the research institute decided to adopt our mechanical warehouse and auger reclaimer.