Louis Dreyfus, one of the four major grain traders in the world, purchased 10 sets of horizontal track sweep auger from our company again.

time:2021-10-11      click:579

In 2019, Louis Dreyfus Tianjin factory purchased 2 sets of horizontal track sweep auger from our company. There were no problems such as sliding and climbing during use, and the clearance efficiency was high. There were nearly no residue material .The owner praised very highly.

Tianjin Louis Dreyfus originally planned to transform two horizontal track sweep auger again in 2020. After discussion at the leadership meeting, considering that the trolley sweep auger will seriously climb and slip during the clearance process, manual warehouse entry is required for auxiliary cleaning, and the safety of personnel cannot be guaranteed, it is decided to transform all the remaining 10 silos into horizontal track sweep auger at one time.